Friday, July 19, 2013

Comic-Con Weekend's Screenwriters

If you're not at Comic-Con, there are four major movies and a promising indie comedy opening this weekend to choose from. One is from the director of a horror franchise that has been featured at the Con. One is a graphic novel adaptation, while another is a sequel to a graphic novel adaptation. A new animated feature opened on Wednesday. And the limited release indie is from a directing team who were previously nominated for an Oscar for adapting a graphic novel.
Expected to win the weekend is THE CONJURING, from SAW director James Wan. The horror film was written by Chad Hayes, who previously adapted WHITEOUT from a graphic novel and updated HOUSE OF WAX for Paris Hilton in 2005. Wax was Hayes's highest grosser to date, with nearly $40 million domestically, followed by his 2007 horror film, THE REAPING, with nearly $29 million.
Hayes goes up against RED 2, written by brothers Erich Hoeber & Jon Hoeber, who were also credited writers on Whiteout. In addition to their adaptation of the graphic novel for the first RED movie, the Hoebers also received sole screenwriting credit on BATTLESHIP.

Already released on Wednesday, Dreamworks' TURBO has three screenwriters credited. Darren Lemke was involved in the writing of SHREK FOREVER AFTER and JACK THE GIANT SLAYER. Robert Siegel's credits include the news parody THE ONION MOVIE and the critically acclaimed Darren Aronofsky arthouse hit, THE WRESTLER. Turbo director and co-writer David Soren comes to the project by way of the art department as storyboard artist for THE ROAD TO EL DORADO and CHICKEN RUN, story artist on SHREK, contributing writer and head of story for SHARK TALE, and co-writer and director of two MADAGASCAR straight-to-video sequels.

Finally, we have R.I.P.D., starring Jeff Bridges and based on the ghost-cop graphic novel of the same name. The story adaptation was by Wedding Crashers director David Dobkin (also story-by credited on Jack he Giant Slayer) and co-screenwriters Phil Hay & Matt Manfredi. The latter collaborators previously teamed up for AEON FLUX, CRAZY/BEAUTIFUL, THE TUXEDO, and CLASH OF THE TITANS.
In limited release, look for GIRL MOST LIKELY, starring Oscar-nominated screenwriter Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids) and Annette Bening. Directed by the husband-wife team of Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, who were nominated for a screenplay adaptation Oscar for AMERICAN SPLENDOR (based on the comic book anthology by Harvey Pekar), the indie comedy was written by Michelle Morgan. Opening on 353 screens, Girl Most Likely is Morgan's second produced screenplay, following 2008's MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.

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